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They say that behind every great product is a great company. Well, behind the momentem service is Widality, and this page is your chance to find out all about us.

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In Q3 of 2010, Widality was acquired by Wmode, one of the wireless industry’s leading mobile app distribution and content management companies. Widality is now the business unit within Wmode responsible for expanding the widality of apps by delivering a range of services to app providers enabling them to distribute, monetize and scale up their apps and services.

In addition, Widality is committed to expanding the momentem service using Wmode’s backing, to deliver the world’s best mobile call tagging and activity tracking service.

Terry Hughes, President of Widality, is now the Head of Market Development of Wmode, and can still be reached at

It’s the end of one chapter in the life of Widality, but the start of something much bigger.

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