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momentem™ For BlackBerry Helps You Track Your Momentum

Article by LauraMS |
Published on Nov 20, 2008
If you've ever needed to keep track of your work expenses, time spent on a project or even time spent on certain tasks, Momentem is the perfect time management tracking software for your BlackBerry device.

What Is momentem™?

If you have a need to bill clients according to your time spent working for them or if your office requires that you track your hourly activities and work expenses, then you definitely need momentem™ for mobile expense and time tracking on your BlackBerry.

The momentem™ application, developed by Redwood Technologies, Inc., allows you to easily track which business clients and colleagues you spoke with on your BlackBerry, what you spoke about and allows you to categorize your calls to help make auditing and billing a breeze. By spending just a few minutes updating information in the Momentem application, busy BlackBerry users find momentem™ to actually be a time saving productivity tool by eliminating the need to have to sort all of the time tracking information out for reporting purposes later.

Using the momentem™ time tracking application on BlackBerry also allows a user to create custom reports to be emailed for immediate review or submission. Detailed time tracking reports can also be requested in an Excel spreadsheet and emailed to users who prefer to receive reports in this format.

How Does momentem™ Help Me Track Time Spent On Calls?

momentem™ works by organizing calls according to contacts designated for particular projects. After calls from or to designated contacts, momentem™ pops up allowing BlackBerry users to update notes regarding pertinent business information discussed during the call and tracks time accordingly. Having the ability to quickly input such relevant information further helps users keep track of, not only information discussed, but future meeting times, things to do, expenses and so forth. The value of updating this information immediately speaks for itself, as there's no need to spend time retracing events of the day and recalling everyone you spoke to in order to properly track time spent on these activities. All notations remain in the category reserved for the particular client or contact and made available in time tracking reports that momentem™ prepares and sends to your email account. All of this further eliminates the need for paper notes or even for notes scattered throughout your BlackBerry calendar.

Will momentem™ Help Me Track Time Spent Emailing Clients On My BlackBerry?

momentem™ also performs in the same way anytime you engage in email communication with contacts associated with a particular project. After engaging in email contact from your BlackBerry, momentem™ pops up to allow you to input any and all information relevant to tracking how your time was spent in the communication and to note any relevant or necessary follow-up.

What About Face-To-Face Meetings?

Whenever it is necessary to note expense tracking for face-to-face meetings, whether you met over coffee or a lavish meal that you need to be reimbursed for, momentem™ also allows you to apply this expense to the appropriate category for a project or client. Once again, whatever expenses you accrue during the course of the project can simply and easily be organized in the momentem™ application and produced in an easy-to-understand report for your expense tracking use later.

Though BlackBerry is not just for business use anymore, it's nice to see that expense and time tracking applications, like momentem™, are available to keep BlackBerry at the top of the heap for business smartphone users.

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