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Case Studies

A loyal momentem user talks openly about his experiences of using the service, and how it has changed the way he does business with his clients

We sat down with Wayne Graham, of FastForward Technology Services, a leading provider of IT services, and asked him a few questions about why he loves momentem. It all began when he took the time to fill in a Feedback form on our website a couple of months ago, and we were curious to know more.


Q: How did you find about momentem?

A: I did a Google search for time-tracking software for the BlackBerry. (Note: I spent about a month searching the web for right software) Momentem was sort of a hard to find but now I notice it is on the top of the search !

Q: What kind of BlackBerry do you use and how long did it take you to set momentem up?

A: BlackBerry Curve 8320, with momentem I was up and running, tagging calls, within just a few minutes. It’s intuitive and there’s no complex set-up, it just learns as you go.

Q: Now that you have used the product for several months, tell us about the different reports you use? What is your favorite feature?

A: I usually just run the “All” report. Once I have the report in Excel I will manipulate the data by Activities /Phone # / Date, etc – for billing time back to my clients. I like the fact that I can generate reports on the fly as many times as needed. The stand-alone nature makes it easy do what I need. momentem is also simple and straight forward to use.

Q: Do your customers appreciate this kind of transparency in terms of the number of calls? i.e. no hidden costs ... what difference it has made to your business and customers?

A: My customers appreciate the transparency and granularity of the details of my billing. It allows me to present the real value of my services by showing the customer in real terms, accurate support time(s) for services rendered. It has saved me hours of labor tracking time spent on activities, calls, emails with clients. In short, momentem has allowed me to generate revenue from support activities previously not invoiced.

Q: Are there enhancements that you would like to see with the product?

A: Ideally I would like a desktop version of the program. Presently, I use a separate time-tracking program on my desktop, so having one program/service for time tracking would be “Heaven”.

Editor’s note: we are actually working with Chrometa to make that a reality for Wayne and all of our other customers !

Q: Do you think the cost of the momentem service has paid for itself. What do you do better now that you have the solution?

A: Initially I was reluctant to buy into a subscription based service. That said, prior to having the momentem service I was not billing accurately for phone calls and email support so in that sense the Return On Investment is high for me. Essentially, the program pays for itself with one 5 minute support call or email per month. It’s also a great time-saver; I can run reports and generate my invoices in 1 hr vs. 3hrs before momentem.

The momentem team thanks Wayne for his time and for being one of our biggest fans. Check out Wayne’s company at If you have a momentem story to share, Contact us.

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