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momentem™ for BlackBerry tracks time spent on emails, calls and tasks

Posted on 19 November 2008, at 7:06 am, by Wayne Schulz |


momentem™ for BlackBerry is a mobile expense management software and reporting service suitable for anyone who tracks time. If you’re a true BlackBerry addict who bills by the hour - you need this software. Each time you reply to an email the momentem™ program and asks you to select a customer and project to bill for the time spent. Naturally all of your time spent isn’t billable, so the software lets you create ignore lists.

I tested momentem™ on my BlackBerry Bold running OS 4.6.167 and experienced no lockups or slowness of any kind. Though the software was constantly running in the background, I never observed any lags in opening emails or answering phone calls. My system didn’t crash once or exhibit any ill effects whatsoever from this software running in the background.

Not every email you read is billable. For some you can setup the sender on an ignore list. For others you can set a minimum length of time before the program considers an event (such as reading/replying to email) billable. You can set a default billing rate as well as billing rates specific to a contact.

When you are done reading or replying to an email (and the minimum time to consider it billable has passed) a time tracking screen automatically appears to ask what action you would like to take.

You can capture time (tag it), save the time for later tagging, or ignore it altogether. If you’re replying to someone like your Mom who doesn’t get a bill - you can also set that contact to be considered permanently non-billable by placing them on an ignore list.

Momentem Mail Tag

If you chose to tag the event (record it as billable) you’ll be presented with a screen to record the contact and project. A short note is available for free form text entry. By default this note is populated with the subject of your email. If you chose, you can have the system automatically email you and/or your contact a summary of the time just recorded.

Momentem Billing

The first time you use a contact you’ll have to set it up in the momentem™ database. The system does not read from your contact list, rather it requires you re-enter the contacts that you have a billing relationship with. This is a little inconvenient but I think logical since the software would have no way to tell which contacts will ultimately receive invoices for time you spend with them.

Momentem Contacts

The main configuration screen allows you to add contacts as well as create reports which are viewed either on the BlackBerry or via an emailed Microsoft Excel report. In my testing both reports generated extremely fast. The Excel file arrived in my email inbox within 15 seconds of my requesting it.

The spreadsheet that is emailed will contain 5 different tabs summarizing your data: Calls, Emails, Activities, Expenses and Summary.

For individual time reporting - this could rather easily serve as your only time and billing system. I was very impressed by the detail that this report captures. If you are a heavy email user (and what BlackBerry user isn’t?) - using this software on your BlackBerry could easily double the number of hours you bill.

Here’s a PDF copy of the report that momentem™ generates:


The momentem™ service carries a monthly fee of $9.99. Based on my testing I think that anyone who does hourly billing and is looking for a solution to capture more time will benefit from this software!

Link: momentem™

What I Liked:
- Constant reminder to bill for time spent on emails or phone calls
- Convenient capture of other expenses - such as travel
- Stable and does not slow system
- Fast reporting
- Reports are concise and easy to understand
- Streamlined data entry screens
- Runs smoothly on latest RIM OS (BlackBerry Bold)

What Could Be Improved:
- Although you can set “ignore” lists, the constant billing pop ups when reading non-billable emails are annoying
- Native BlackBerry contacts are not automatically carried over to momentem™

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