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Case Studies

A momentem user in Sacramento CA decided to write to us to let us know how much he loves momentem

Justin writes,

"I absolutely love this application! It allows me to keep track of what has happened, and what calls were for. This is a great application, and I plan to use it for as long as I have a blackberry! Thank you very much! BIG KUDOS to those involved with the development of momentem!!

This is a great application for me. Its a great app for anyone who needs to keep track of their time more effectively. After every call and email, I am prompted to tag it, list who I called or emailed, record what project it was for, put a note of what the email or phone call was about, and list what the cost was for my time.

Working for a non profit organization, every penny, every minute counts. This also works well to record the goings on of each day, and having to constantly recall what happened makes this application great. The best time to make notes is while the call is still fresh in my mind.

I am a very frugal person, but of all the free apps available, this is one that I would pay top dollar for!"

Justin Iiams
Site Manager
Bridges to Community
office: 530.241.8377

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