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Case Studies

A Queen's Counsel user of the momentem service has written a great review and posted it on BlackBerry App World.

Robert B White, a QC and lawyer, has signed up for Call Time Tracker, the entry level solution in the momentem suite of time and expense management services, and he loves it!

This is his review, as seen on BlackBerry App World.Review

This elegant, flawless program enables any Black Berry user to recover usage costs. It unobtrusively monitors each call (and email) and at its conclusion presents a beutiful menu by which the user may allocate the call to an existing contact and project, or to new ones thus allowing the user to build the data base as one goes along. If one is ina rush one can save the call data for handling later. Notes may be added to desribe the call. At no extra charge emails the user an Excel report with all calls sorted, timed & even valued. In short, this full featured program with a freely provided data summary & report enables one to effortlessly recover Black Berry costs.

I have no financial, commercial or personal interest in this software, company, owners or personnel.

This elegant program puts money back into our pockets.

Robert B. White, Q. C.
Edmonton Canada

Terry Hughes, President of Redwood, commented: "since we launched on BlackBerry App World we have seen a significant uptake, we are running with a 5 star rating, and we are getting terrific user feedback like this. Until we launched, people didn't realize that they needed to tag their calls, but once they begin using the service they find how satisfying it is, and how much the tagged data empowers them to recover their costs. As Robert says, we are putting money back into people's pockets which delights us too!"

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