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We were delighted to receive this terrific
endorsement from a momentem user in Kentucky

Traci Steward writes;

Hi, this app has been an absolute life saver for me. I am in the middle of launching a website selling Special Needs products and I have been using a paper calendar, written call log, and my Blackberry. Momentem prompts you to log and categorize each call as well as make notes. It is the notes that sold me on this app over others--not that it was free--I need to have details of conversations. Only item I would add is ability to make appointment in calendar as many times I have to go back into calendars. Support Staff is first rate and they respond within hours if not minutes. Would recommend to anyone that needs a good tool for keeping information organized. Best Regards to Momentem and their Team, Traci Steward (Mother of Son with Autism 8, NT Daughter 6).

Traci Steward is the CEO of

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