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14 July 2009: Call Time Tracker exceeds all expectations on BlackBerry App World

Terry Hughes, President of the momentem team, discusses the success of Call Time Tracker

An open letter from Terry Hughes:

"Well, it has been an eventful few months. Since RIM launched BlackBerry App World in April, the world has really changed for us. We were one of the launch apps on the store when it went live, and we haven't looked back. We decided to test out our "freemium" business model on App World, where we give away for free a cut-down version of our service, and the response has been breathtaking. We went in there alongside games, major brands, and wild-and-wacky applications, and we didn't expect a boring call time tracker would even be noticed.

But it seems that almost every BlackBerry user has a need for our app at some time during their busy week. And it seems that their need is big enough for them to bother downloading and signing up for the service. And what's more staggering is the sheer number of them who love the app and have bothered to write in to us with their glowing praise. We have captured all of those reviews at In my 20 years in wireless I have NEVER seen such enthusiasm and praise for a mobile service. Yes, it's a boring call time tracker, but everybody seems to need one!

AppIt's the uptake that has blown us away. We aren't revealing our stats just yet, but suffice to say when BlackBerry made us a Featured app the number of downloads went through the roof. Take a look at the hockey-stick graph to see what I mean.

What's also encouraging is the sheer diversity of users and use cases. People used to say "momentem is just for lawyers", well not any more ! Almost every kind of BlackBerry user imaginable is using the service, as the pie chart shows. Also, interestingly the vast majority don't actually bill for their time, they just need to account for their time (as we all do)!

AppAnd now, it gives me great pleasure to say that we are the number 3 app in the Professional and Business category on App World, from a list of over 80 applications. We are just behind Bloomberg and ahead of some major brands. We also now have lots of users across 18 major wireless networks in North America and the UK, which shows that our solution works whichever carrier the user might be with.

What this shows is that "utility" services like ours can be as popular as some of the more trendy gimmicky apps that everyone is talking about. Here's my conclusion; every Blackberry user makes lots of calls, they all need a better way to manage those calls and to track them, most BlackBerry users have to account for their time or their cost, and so our unique service really resonates with them. They get real value from Call Time Tracker every single day, and so we have created a "sticky app" (industry terminology for something that people use every day) that large volumes of BlackBerry users are downloading.

AppIt's thanks to BlackBerry App World that our customers are finding us and signing up. In just a short time span we are already putting tens of millions of dollars back into the pockets of busy professionals, and in these tough economic times that's a real success story."

Terry Hughes, President and CMO, the momentem team