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19 Aug: momentem is listed as the number 1 business app on BlackBerry's app store

BlackBerry App World, RIM's industry-leading app store for BlackBerry users, can now be viewed via a web browser on any desktop. To coincide with this, the momentem team has announced that Call Time Tracker, the free entry-level call tagging app, has been listed on App World as the number 1 business app worldwide. The team has also announced that Call Time Tracker is now being used by people across 115 carriers in 46 countries around the globe.

Terry Hughes, President of the momentem team, said "Call Time Tracker is now a true success story. We have tens of thousands of users, people use our app all day every day, the user reviews on App World are simply amazing, we are operating the service globally including being a Featured app when App World launched in Europe, and we now find ourselves as the top business app on BlackBerry App World."

You can see momentem on App World at

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