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19 June 2009: RIM chooses momentem as a Featured App on BlackBerry App World, and momentem makes it into the Top Downloads chart

AppFriday 19 June was the most important date yet in the short history of momentem. RIM, the maker of BlackBerry, chose to promote momentem as a Featured App on it's flagship and successful BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry App World has thousands of apps for download, but on any given day only 10 or so apps are featured, so this is a significant achievement for momentem. Being a Featured App means that it's one of the first things that the user sees when opening BlackBerry App World.

Terry Hughes, President of the momentem team, said: "We knew that being featured would mean more downloads for us, but we never envisaged it would generate the sheer number of sign-ups up for our service since we were promoted to Featured status. Suffice to say, we are amazed and delighted."

As a result of that, momentem made it into the chart of the Top Downloads. This chart shows the most popular BlackBerry downloads in real time, and momentem made it to number 22.

AppTerry added: "To be in that top chart, alongside some global brands and world-famous games, was a very proud moment for us. We always knew that a broad cross-section of BlackBerry users would find real value in our call tagging service, but we didn't quite imagine we would be in among that big league quite so soon."

However the most significant part of all this is the number of users who have taken the time to email the momentem team, most of them quite happy to praise the service and to tell them team why they love it. Terry noted: "I have put together a "comments book" online which captures many of the amazing emails we have received. So, not only are we getting downloads, but we are getting satisfied customers too. This proves that our app is compelling enough for people to use all day, every time they make or receive a call."

The "comments book" can be found at