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Redwood Technologies Announces Availability of Mobile Telecom Expense Management Software and Service

Orange to Offer BlackBerry Smartphone Users Ability to Tag Calls,
E-mails, Expenses and Activities in Real Time

CALGARY, Alberta - Oct. 21, 2008 - Redwood Technologies, an innovative developer of wireless software products and services for professional mobile phone users, today announced the availability of momentem™, the first instantly downloadable telecom expense management solution for BlackBerry smartphone users. momentem™ is a combination of handset software and a managed service.

momentem™, Redwood Technologies’ first product, has already been adopted early by a major wireless company. Orange, the key brand of France Telecom and one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, is making momentem™ available to its subscribers for a fee of £15 for a 90-day subscription with easy renewal afterwards, via Orange’s market-leading Application Shop.

This launch will be supported with a chance for Orange subscribers to win a coveted BlackBerry Bold via Redwood’s “Tag your calls, Win a BlackBerry Bold!” program which runs until November 30, 2008.

momentem™ provides BlackBerry users with a simple and easy way to manage their calls and mobile activities. momentem™ enables users to “tag” their mobile calls directly from the handset at the end of each call, associate them with specific contacts and projects, and even type what the calls were about. The tagged call records are sent to the momentem™ service in real time using the phone’s data connection. momentem™ also enables users to tag the time spent on e-mails, as well as log expenses and other activities, all via momentem™’s intuitive handset user interface.

Another vital part of the service is that users can generate on-demand reports of all of their tagged activity, directly from the BlackBerry smartphone. The reports, all sorted by meaningful tags, enable the user to bill or account for their time, generate timesheets and expense claims, recover their mobile costs from others, analyze their activity, search old call records, make more sense of their mobile bill and follow up on important calls.

“The ‘prosumer’, or professional consumer, is one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile market,” explained Terry Hughes, president of Redwood Technologies. “Redwood’s goal has been to develop momentem™ as a downloadable software application and a service that users can sign up and begin using within minutes, with no need for any complex set-up or integration. We are delighted that mobile operators such as Orange are making our solution available to any customer that needs to tag their calls and log their activities on their BlackBerry smartphone.”

Redwood is an Orange Contracted Partner. Redwood used Orange’s tools and assistance to ensure momentem™ met all of the Orange commercial and technical requirements, including gaining the Orange Compatible endorsement. Redwood was recently featured by Orange Partner at several tradeshows and on Orange’s website.

About Redwood Technologies

Redwood Technologies focuses on developing innovative wireless software products and services for business professional users of smartphones such as BlackBerrys. Redwood is one of the Hottest 20 Innovative Companies in Canada noted by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, was Company of the Year at the Banff Venture Forum 2007, and was shortlisted globally as True Mobile Start-Up 2008 by the GSM Association. For more information, visit or

About the Launch Promotion

Orange UK customers who purchase a three-month subscription before November 30, 2008 qualify to enter a draw to win a coveted BlackBerry Bold. The promotion requires Orange subscribers to download momentem™ to their BlackBerry device. Each registered user is entered into a draw that Redwood will draw from at the end of December 31, 2008.

Orange subscribers can enter multiple times by tagging their calls, with momentem™. Each time the Orange subscriber tags a call their name is entered into the draw for a chance to win one of the 3 prizes. The lucky momentem™ winners will be drawn by Jan. 12th and notified of their prize. The 1st name drawn will win an Orange BlackBerry Bold. The 2nd name drawn will win £100 that can be applied to Orange accessories and the 3rd name drawn will receive £50 that can also be applied to Orange accessories.

See a demo of momentem™ here.

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