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5th November 2009: Call tagging – a new paradigm becomes mainstream for BlackBerry users worldwide

"Call Time Tracker on BlackBerry App World exceeds all expectations" – Terry Hughes, President

Just a few short months after launching on BlackBerry App World, Widality (formerly Redwood Technologies) has released some amazing statistics about the uptake of its free "Call Time Tracker by momentem" app and service.

  • the app is being used across 230 wireless carriers in 115 countries, so it’s a true global success
  • 1 million calls have already been tagged and usage is climbing exponentially month on month
  • although the Storm version was only launched a few weeks ago, 10% of the entire user base is already using Storm, and on average Storm users are using the service more than other BlackBerry users. 25% of all new sign-ups are on Storm
  • the app has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and hundreds of people have written in with great reviews.
  • peak demand for the app has hit a rate of 6 new sign-ups per minute

This uptake has ensured Call Time Tracker’s place as the most popular business app on BlackBerry App World as this screenshot shows:

App Store

Widality has also been able to analyze it’s user base in terms of how they use the service, and it’s fascinating to see that there are 6 clear use cases for Call Time Tracker;

  1. people who have to account for their mobile time (e.g. to the boss or the taxman)
  2. people who bill their mobile time (e.g. lawyers, consultants)
  3. people who have to make sense of, or explain, their mobile bill every month
  4. people who expense part of their bill to others (e.g. employees who use their own phone, self-employed people who recover expensive calls)
  5. people who get lots of calls all day every day (e.g. salespeople, realtors)
  6. people who need to keep count of their mobile minutes (e.g. users with bundles, or when roaming)

In a separate feature, Terry Hughes talks about what else Widality has learned from getting so many users onto the service. Read it here.