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4th November 2009: What does being the most popular business app get you?

App Store

Our app is up there with
the big names as one of the top free apps

An analysis by Terry Hughes, President, Widality

Just a few short months after launching on BlackBerry App World, Widality (formerly Redwood Technologies) has released some amazing insight into what can be learned from having one of the most successful apps on an app store. (To see just how successful Call Time Tracker has been, click here.)

Terry is available to provide further details on request, but here’s a great summary of what the team has gained from getting a large number of downloads in such a short space of time. Terry says;

  • We have built up a loyal fan base of users who write great reviews and who have joined focus groups to help us as we evolve; good reviews are critical for success, and we have a 90% positive rating
  • We used the supportive early adopters to iron out all of the bugs, making the service better for everyone as we move forward
  • We learned about why and how they use our app in their busy lives, which has enabled us to segment our user base and target our marketing
  • We fine-tuned, and scaled, our support processes and documentation as we went along
  • They told us what they wanted in the next version, in large numbers, which means our product roadmap isn’t speculative any more!
  • We learned so much about how to engage with our users to satisfy them, and what communication techniques worked best
  • It was fascinating to see how the early adopters behaved so differently to the early majority, and how our service had to evolve as our users matured
  • We learned how subtle changes in wording can have a major impact on such a large user base, so we refined the wording of all of our materials as we evolved
  • We were able to build our fulfillment systems as we went along, with that optimum balance between automated (for streamlining of processes) and manual (essential for the team to see what’s going on because real users are involved and it’s not always black or white)
  • We found out what words they were typing when trying to find our app and we fine-tuned our materials to ensure we matched what they were searching for
  • We learned how minor changes in the usability of the app could have major impacts on the stickiness of the overall service

As Call Time Tracker and momentem go from strength to strength, it is in no small part thanks to BlackBerry App World and those early adopters, who have helped shape what is starting to become a massively adopted new technology for all busy users of BlackBerrys. It has been fascinating to be one of the pioneers of the “app generation” and to see the impact that it has on so many people. Long may it continue.

Terry Hughes
President and CMO

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