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momentem's industry leading mobile tagging technology gets attention at Semantic Technology conference 2009

16th June. Today, Terry Hughes, President of Widality (the new brand for Redwood Technologies) presented, and was a panellist, at SemTech 2009 in silicon valley

As semantic technologies become mainstream, the debate was whether mobile will be the catalyst and the place where people begin tagging their world. Terry was invited because momentem is one of the world's first real practical applications for mobile semantic tagging.

Here's the description of the opportunity taken from the official conference website:

Every day millions of cellular bills are generated and billions of calls take place, and yet nobody has any information other than the number that was dialed. Also, users are doing more and more on their mobile devices. The opportunities for mobile semantics are huge, starting with practical applications such as tagging of calls to make a better bill, extending all the way to semantic allocation of mobile activity for purposes such as mobile advertising and data mining by the * What do today's carriers and handset manufacturers think of mobile semantic tagging? * What business models exist and which ones can the industry shape? * What technological advancements have made this possible and what will the industry need to do in the future to leverage mobile tagging? * will mobile be the ultimate semantic battleground?

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