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Widality works with and continues to seek more partners including:

  • major wireless carriers taking momentem™ to market
  • handset manufacturers with go-to-market and content integration
  • mobile storefronts who resell momentem™
  • the industry’s best mobile blogs and user groups who promote momentem™

Widality is developing partnerships with companies across the wireless value chain, including telecom expense companies, CRM, and ERP providers. We also seek other ISVs who need momentem™'s mobile solution to expand their offerings into the prosumer and business professional market.

Key partners that Widality is working with to commercialize momentem™.
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Momentem also helps with Tax Problems because you can book your calls to clients and show your phone was used for business: You do not have to handle the IRS alone. Get help with your current tax problems from Guardian Tax Resolutions.