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Specification and minimum requirements to use momentem

In general terms, momentem works worldwide on all BlackBerrys with a trackball or a touchscreen (not the older thumbwheel models).

However you should check out the minimum requirements below to ensure momentem will work for you. If in doubt, try it out or contact support and we can help you.

  • BlackBerry OS: 4.2.1 or higher
  • BlackBerry free memory: 500KB
  • BlackBerry platforms by name: Pearl, Curve, Worldphone, Javelin, Bold, Tour, Storm and Torch
  • BlackBerry platforms by series: 8100 series, 8200 series, 8300 series (except for 8350 and 8350i), 8500 series, 8800 series, 8900 series, 9000 series, 9500 series, 9600 series, 9700 series, 9800 series
  • Languages supported: momentem will run on any BlackBerry irrespective of which language the BlackBerry operates in, however the momentem application and service is provided exclusively in English
  • As momentem requires a data connection from the handset to the momentem service, it requires data and/or a data plan/tariff to be enabled on your BlackBerry and with your wireless carrier, or WiFi can be used to transmit the data if your handset has WiFi capabilities
  • You will need a valid email address to open an account on the system and receive the emails and reports from the system
  • You will need a spreadsheet program or viewer such as MS Excel, Google Docs or Open Office for viewing detailed reports on a PC
  • If you are a corporate user using BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server), certain browsing, download and application permissions will need to be enabled. Ask your IT administrator for assistance
  • Note: momentem does support phones that have BlackBerry SIM Card Protection but not phones with High Encryption packs

For questions and support please click here.

You accept full responsibility for installing momentem on your BlackBerry, we are not liable for any damage caused. For our terms and conditions, click the link to "EULA" at the bottom of this page.