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Case Studies & User Reviews

December 2008:  A user of momentem writes about his experience of using the service

Henry K, a new momentem subscriber, sent us this note:

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have been using Momentem on my Blackberry 8800 for about a week now. It’s very simple, intuitive, and intelligent. Everything you said about it is true.

I can print or read a report in Excel or on the screen anytime I want for whatever time period, project or contact I want – or ALL of them. I can send a confirming "tag" to the other party if I choose to, and I can send a confirming "tag" to myself at an email address for my files. I can tag right when a call or email ends. If I want to do it later I have two options, ignore the prompt and it will go away in a couple of seconds and prompt me later – it saves all such calls or emails in a "Not Now" list OR do it right away. It really does only take a second to do it, just like you said. I can add projects and contacts as I go along and it’s quite easy to do so. There is even an Ignore List. I can allocate costs to any project at whatever hourly rate I choose and I can allocate expenses to any contact or any project. I can also add a little note to any call or email and that note appears on that project’s or contact’s file – meaning that I can remind myself what the call was about or give myself a deadline or whatever. Even when you go into voice mail you can allocate that call and time to a project – say, "Administration" [How much non-billable time do we all put into projects on administrative tasks and never get to justify them or even recall the time spent?]

It asks you to name your contacts and name your projects once (i.e. the first time) but then when that phone number comes up, say, the next time – it remembers that contact name and prompts you so you don’t have to re-type. If it’s not correct you just type over it and enter the correct name.

There is an online help button and a very simple tutorial when you first set it up.

The report you run can be shown on the device itself or sent to you by email. It has total hours, billable hours, un-billable hours, expenses, incoming calls, outgoing calls, emails, activity earnings, and device earnings, etc.

There is even a little button to receive Momentem generated messages to users.

I like it.